syyskuu 27, 2006

Ilmanussinnan möm-möm-kisat

Ranuan Kummit -sarjassa oli koko lailla akrobaattisen hysteerinen Ilmanussinnan SM-kisat -sketsi.

Aitoon Taide imitoi elämää-tyyliin Jaappanin ihmemaassa on päätetty järjestää MM-kisat lajissa, jota Japanin MSN:n raportissa kutsutaan englanniksi nimellä air sex, ja sehän on juuri sitä itseään:

Just like air guitar pits competitors prancing around on stage empty handed but acting as though they were playing a hot riff, air sex requires players to simulate sauciness as though with a partner, but actually while alone.

Annetaanpa vielä lajin mestarin kertoa salaisuutensa:

Japan's reigning air sex world champion is a fella who goes by the name of Cobra. His theory for successful air sex is that it involves more than just blowing.

"On the day that I reached the top, the day I became world champion, I was thinking of my girlfriend. No, my ex-girlfriend. She'd just dumped me two days before the contest," Cobra tells Weekly Playboy. "The air sex display I put on that day was, in my mind at least, supposed to be the farewell fling I really wanted to have with my girlfriend. It was the best possible condition I could have been in going into the competition."

Posted by Henri at 27.09.06 00:04